Heeello readers!

giphy1Today I have a quite big announcement… I OPENED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!!

Even though I’ve been thinking about doing it for years now, this past friday I decided that I was going to do it, so I filmed the introduction to my channel on friday afternoon and I spent the whole day editing it, and now, here it is!!!!!


I’ve loved all the feedback I recieved so far and I can’t be more happy with this!!!

And just letting you know, this doesn’t mean I’m going to stopposting here, I’ll try to kee posting regularly and maybe, just maybe I miss some days. (who am I trying to fool, I always miss some days). 

Besides, everytime I post a video I will upload an entry here to let you know, so this is just more content for all of you!!!

giphyNow, let’s get emotional.

This is a big step. Not that blogging isn’t, but Youtube is quite bigger than any blog site, so it means being exposed to everything and everyone… That kind of scares me but it also encourages me to do this, just so I can find more people that likes books (like all of us here).

And another thing that kind of scares me is the language, I’m not as fluent as many English-speaking people, since it’s not my main language. But I feel like I have to try this, and I want to do it in English, so I did!

Enjoy the reading! Love you always:

Júlia Freitas



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